How To Save Ring Doorbell Video Without Subscription – Easy Methods

How To Save Ring Doorbell Video Without Subscription - Easy Methods

Own a Ring Doorbell with pride, but are you annoyed by the monthly costs needed to access and preserve your video footage? It’s not just you! In order to save their doorbell videos without needing to subscribe, several Ring customers have stated this desire. We will examine different substitute techniques in this article so you can save Ring Doorbell video without subscription. Let’s get started and learn how to preserve your priceless video content on a budget.


Ring Doorbell is a popular smart home security device that provides homeowners with peace of mind and enhanced security. However, the subscription fees for accessing and saving video recordings from your Ring Doorbell can be a significant drawback for some users. Thankfully, there are several alternatives available that can help you save your doorbell videos without the need for a subscription.

Understanding Ring Doorbell Subscriptions

Before learning how to save Ring Doorbell videos without a membership, it’s important to comprehend the options Ring offers for subscriptions. The Ring Protect Basic plan and the Ring Protect Plus plan are the two major subscription packages offered by Ring. The Plus package covers all Ring devices at a location and comes with expert monitoring services, whereas the basic plan only covers one Ring device and includes 60 days of video history.

Save Ring Doorbell Video Without Subscription

Note That – Save Ring Doorbell Video Without Subscription

Saving videos on the Ring Doorbell is not possible without a Ring Protect subscription. However, you may access a number of premium services, such as the capacity to record, save, and quickly share your recordings, by subscribing to Ring Protect.

Proven Methods to Save Ring Doorbell Video Without Subscription

Method 1: Manual Video Recording

Manually recording your Ring Doorbell videos is one easy way to store them without a subscription. You may use the Ring app on your smartphone to capture the video whenever there is a motion alert or a doorbell ring. Although this method necessitates manual intervention and might not offer continuous recording, it is a practical choice for sporadic video grabs.

Method 2: Utilizing Third-Party Applications

There are various third-party applications available that can integrate with your Ring Doorbell and allow you to save video recordings without a subscription. These applications often provide additional features and flexibility compared to the native Ring app. Some popular options include IFTTT (If This, Then That), which allows you to create custom automation rules, and Blue Iris, which is a comprehensive video surveillance software.

Method 3: Setting up Local Storage

Setting up local storage is another method to keep Ring Doorbell video footage without a membership. A microSD card slot is present in the majority of Ring Doorbell models, allowing users to keep video recordings right on the gadget. You can keep your movies locally and access them later without a subscription by placing a compatible microSD card into your Ring Doorbell.

Method 4: Using a NAS (Network-Attached Storage)

Using a NAS (Network-Attached Storage) is a great choice if you want to preserve your Ring Doorbell footage on a centralized storage system accessible from various devices. You may securely save video footage from your Ring Doorbell on a NAS system and build your own personal cloud. You may save and manage your movies without relying on a subscription service by connecting your Ring Doorbell to the NAS.

Method 5: Syncing with Cloud Storage Providers

Cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive can also be used to save your Ring Doorbell videos without a subscription. You can automatically upload your video recordings and access them from anywhere by syncing your Ring Doorbell with a cloud storage account. This method provides an off-site backup of your footage and eliminates the need for a subscription-based cloud storage service.

Method 6: Connecting to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

You can incorporate your Ring Doorbell into the configuration if you already have a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) system in place for your home security cameras. You can save and control your doorbell movies with the other security camera footage by connecting your Ring Doorbell to the DVR. With this technique, you can record continuously and easily retrieve all of your recorded videos without paying any additional subscription fees.

Method 7: Integrating with Home Automation Systems

Home automation systems like Home Assistant, SmartThings, or Apple HomeKit can provide integration options for your Ring Doorbell. By connecting your Ring Doorbell to a home automation system, you can create custom automation, trigger events based on motion or doorbell rings, and save video recordings without relying on a subscription. This method gives you greater control over your Ring Doorbell and enhances your overall brilliant home experience.

Method 8: Exploring Other Security Camera Options

It can be worthwhile to look into other security camera options that offer free or more reasonable video storage plans if you find the subscription model of Ring Doorbell to be unsuitable for your needs. Numerous market rivals provide alternative smart doorbell solutions with a range of pricing structures. You can locate a solution that satisfies your needs without requiring an expensive membership by researching and evaluating several possibilities.

Now In the case of a Subscription to Ring Doorbell

Subscribe to ring doorbell

Subscribing to Ring Doorbell is a straightforward process. By subscribing, you gain access to additional features and services provided by Ring. To subscribe, follow these steps:

  • On your tablet or smartphone, Open the Ring app.
  • Go to the app’s settings page.
  • The “Subscription” or “Ring Protect” find this option.
  • Choose a subscription package based on your needs.
  • To finish the subscription process, follow the instructions.

Does Ring Doorbell require a subscription? 

Ring Doorbell does not require a subscription to function as a primary video doorbell. Without a subscription, you can still receive live video feeds, motion alerts, and two-way communication with visitors. However, some advanced features and services may require a subscription.

Do you need a subscription to Ring Doorbell? 

While a subscription is not mandatory, it can enhance your Ring Doorbell experience. Subscriptions offer benefits such as extended video recording history, cloud storage for video footage, professional monitoring, and access to additional features like snapshot capture and people detection.

How much does a subscription to Ring Doorbell cost? 

Ring offers two main subscription plans: Ring Protect Basic and Ring Protect Plus. The Ring Protect Basic plan costs $3 per month or $30 per year per device and provides 60 days of video history for a single Ring device. The Ring Protect Plus plan costs $10 per month or $100 per year and covers all Ring devices at one location, offering professional monitoring services, extended warranties, and more.

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In conclusion, it is feasible to save Ring Doorbell video without subscription. You can keep and access your video recordings without paying additional fees by using techniques like manual video recording, using third-party applications, setting up local storage or a NAS, syncing with cloud storage providers, connecting to a DVR, integrating with home automation systems, or looking into other security camera options. When choosing the best course of action for your circumstances, keep in mind to take into account your unique needs, financial constraints, and technical capabilities.


Can I download movies from Ring Doorbell to my computer?

Yes, you can use local storage or third-party software to save Ring Doorbell movies to your PC.

How long can I keep Ring Doorbell movies on my device before I need to subscribe?

Depending on the method you select, the storage period will vary. Videos can be kept on local storage or NAS systems for as long as the storage space permits.

If I don’t have a Ring Doorbell membership, will I lose any features?

You can still utilize the basic capabilities of the Ring Doorbell without a membership, despite the fact that some sophisticated services like professional monitoring do require one.

Is it possible to save Ring Doorbell footage without having a subscription?

Some techniques could have drawbacks, such as manual recording needing urgent action or third-party software charging more for extra capabilities.

Can I remotely access the Ring Doorbell footage that I’ve saved?

You can access your saved Ring Doorbell movies remotely through the appropriate programs or systems, depending on the manner you pick.