Govee Lights Not Connecting to WIFI – How to Fix it in 2024

Govee Lights Not Connecting to WIFI

Here we deeply explain why our Govee lights not connecting to wifi? Nowadays, the technology area of our smart homes still needs to be completed with lights. With Govee lights the home presents a lovely home scene.

Govee Lights offers a wide range of bulbs and LED lights. We can also control these lights from our phones and tablets. For All these to happen, Govee lights must connected to WIFI. 

Govee Lights Not Connecting to WIFI
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Connection of Govee lights to WIFI is the main concern of this area. So we cover some troubleshooting tips and tricks to connect Govee lights to WIFI. Here we briefly explain various manifestations like the Govee light strip not working, WiFi issues, and Connection problems.

Govee Lights Not Connecting to WiFi: Troubleshooting Guide

One of the primary challenges with connecting Govee lights to Wi-Fi is configuring the lights’ 2.4GHz network, as they exclusively operate on this frequency. To enhance signal strength, consider positioning your router closer to your phone in the next step.

Your WIFI signals also must be strong, if you have these issues of not connecting to wifi. Here are some reasons and their solution. Try to improve your wifi strength to boost it, otherwise you can connect it to other network devices. 

 WiFi Setup for Govee Lights:

Here we address the significance of a stable connection for smart Govee lights functionality. Generally, connecting WIFI with Govee Lights ensures that your device’s wifi network works properly.

Next, also ensure that you have connected your phone to the lights with a hotspot. Within just a few steps, you can set up your WIFI understanding,

  • Govee Lights WiFi Signal Boost

If possible, you can try moving your Govee lights closer to the router or using an extender. next, you can also check for any network interference from other devices in the area.

Check out if many Wi-Fi connections near your router, these could be causing signal fluctuation for your Govee lights. you can ensure that devices have a reliable and strong connection at all times.

  • WiFi issues and Connection problems

Sometimes, your wifi connection may not be able to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Assume that it is not working therefore, test it first. You can Test it by Connecting to another device.

If it still does not connect, There might be a problem with the network. In that case, you need to connect your lights to another network.

  • When the Govee light strip not working

If you’re experiencing issues with your Govee light strip not working, you can try a few troubleshooting steps.

First, ensure that the power source is connected properly and that the strip is receiving power. Check for any loose connections or damaged components. If the issue is not resolved then reset the light strip by reconnecting the power supply.

  • WiFi Setup for Govee light not connecting to Wifi

The Wi-Fi setup for Govee lights is crucial. To connect the Govee light to Wi-Fi, download the Govee app from your respective app store and follow in-app prompts to set up a room and devices.

If your Govee lights were already connected to the app before, remove the lights from the room and then reset them. The process of removing light is to select the room where the light is, then choose the light and delete it. you can repeat the same process for All bulbs.

  • WiFi Signal Strength Tips

There is another signal problem that is inconsistencies in Signal strength. signal fluctuations can cause the device to have trouble and even discounting in the middle of use.

If your Govee lights are experiencing intermittent signals or are connected with a weak signal, this could be why they’re not working properly.

Included Tips on Dual-band Router Settings:

The first and foremost step is to ensure your WIFI connection if your wifi is not running on average speed. Then quickly fix it to reboot your router.

Also, double-check your router for any special settings.

  •  Dual-Band Router Settings

Restart both the Govee lights and your Wi-Fi router to troubleshoot any connection issues. You can also update the router if it is outdated. To maximize efficiency, set up a 2.4GHz band network. Adjust channel settings to minimize interference and boost signal strength.

Regularly updating router firmware. By tuning your dual-band setting, you can experience improved connectivity and a more reliable network.

  • Upgrade your router

If your router is old or outdated, it may not be able to provide a strong enough signal for your Govee Lights. If all is in vain then, update your router.

It gives better performance and gives advanced features. the breakdown of the router is the main issue. We should check the router settings, and check if there is a way to improve its signal strength.

  • Router Reboot for Govee Lights not connecting to WIFI

If your router is faulty then it is unable to connect to the wifi. Therefore, the device might be unable to send Wi-Fi signals to your phone. In this way, your Govee lights won’t access your Wi-Fi signal.

So, it is an easy way when Govee lights not connect to wifi, Roboot your router may eliminate the function of the device. There are three steps to reboot your router;

  • 1. Unplug your router from your power outlet.
  • 2. Wait for 30 seconds.
  • 3. Reconnect the router’s plug to the outlet.
  • Bring Your Router Closer to Your Phone:

your phone’s Wi-Fi signal might be weak, If your router is too far away from your phone, Your Govee Lights can’t connect to a weak Wi-Fi signal.

You’ll need to move the router closer to your phone, to increase the strength of your phone’s Wi-Fi signal. Keep your router 30 feet away from your phone.

Also, avoid keeping your phone away from your Govee Lights. so that we can beware of losing connection to your phone. 

Compatibility with 2.4GHz Networks:

Currently, routers cover more than 2.4GHz and 5GHz. But with 2.4 GHz more network range coverage. Govee lights only connect with the 2.4 GHz frequency band of your router. A router must be set to work with a 2.4 GHz WIFI network.

Then this is the main step to connect the Govee light with the network. If your Wi-Fi network might be on the 5GHz band. Govee Lights are not compatible with the 5GHz Wi-Fi network.

There are 3 steps to connect WIFI Networks in the Govee App: 

  • Open your Govee app.
  • To resume the Wi-Fi connection process, tap the back arrow at the top of the screen.
  • Next, locate and choose your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.
  • Enter your Wi-Fi password to continue.

Advanced Configuration – Govee Lights Not Connecting to WIFI

Here we discuss advanced configuration technical aspects.  MAC address filtering and utilizing guest networks are used for Govee lights to connect with wifi.

Govee Lights MAC Address Filtering:

Here we see how I find the Mac address for my Govee strip lights;

First; Android phone then,

1) connect a personal Hotspot on your Android phone.

2) Connect your phone to the Hotspot

3) To complete the Wi-Fi connection, pair the strip light with your phone and adhere to the app’s instructions.

4) Go to the Android phone and check the connected device.

5) Find the Mac address.

Provide Insights into Addressing Power Issues and Syncing Problems:

To resolve the power issue and syncing problem with Govee lights, we should check the connection problems. Confirm first wifi connection is secretly connected with a stable device.

Sure that Govee light is within the WIFI range. If the problem continues restart the Govee lights and WFI router. For optimal performance, consider updating the Govee app and firmware.

Step-by-Step Connection Guide for Govee light not connecting WIFI:

There are some steps to follow guide for the connection of Govee Light to WiFi.

Govee Lights
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Govee Lights Network Compatibility:

Govee lights compatibility is strong when it is connected to 2.4 GHz. If it is set to 5GHz, then you’ll have to switch this over to the 2.4GHz. With this compatibility, your Govee lights can connect properly.

Correctly connect the Govee lights:

You should connect the lights with the correct Govee App. If it is still unable to connect then reset your Govee lights. After resetting the Govee light confirm that it can properly connect to your WIFI network.

Govee Lights WiFi Extender:

If your router is unable to connect strong Govee lights, consider a Wi-Fi extender.  your Wi-Fi network must be working and can be used on other devices like (phones, and tablets). If Govee lights not connect with wifi, use wifi extender.

Govee Lights Firmware Update:

We should have a Guide about router reboots, adjusting WiFi channels, and updating firmware. If you have trouble with Govee lights not connecting to the Wi-Fi network, the breakdown of the router is the main issue.

Important Tips To WiFi Signal Strength

You can improve your phone’s Wi-Fi signal strength by studying the Wi-Fi icon at the top of your phone. You will consider signal strength poor If the icon has less than three signal bars. You’ll need to move the router closer to your phone to increase the strength of the Wi-Fi signal.


If your Govee lights not connecting to wifi, Apply all these solutions as we mentioned above. Ensure that lights are within the Wi-Fi range. Verify the correct credentials, and restart both the lights and the Wi-Fi router. Check your network connection compatibility.

If your router connects to the 5GHz frequency, on a dual-band router try to convert it to 2.4GHz. Give your router and lights a quick reboot, and if that doesn’t work, Reset it.

Remember, Patience is key. With a little troubleshooting, your Govee lights will be back to painting your home with colors in no time.

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Frequently Ask Questions:

Q.1 Why is my Govee light strip not working?

Ensure that the power source is connected properly and the strip is receiving power. Make sure there are no loose connections, Additionally, check that the controller is connected to the power source and can work without issues.

Q.2 Why Govee Lights Not Syncing with WiFi?

Check if the Govee lights are within the wifi range and not interfering with signals. It could be a simple setting like the need for 2.4GHz instead of 5GHz, or a stronger signal might be needed.

Q.3 Why do we face Troubleshoot Govee Lights Connection?

Troubleshooting Govee Lights connection issues can arise due to various factors. Common reasons include inadequate Wi-Fi signal strength, incorrect network credentials during setup, or obstacles hindering the signal.

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