Can Alexa Speak Different Languages in 2024?

Can Alexa Speak Different Languages in 2024

In the global world of Entertainment, Can Alexa speak different languages by changing default settings? let’s explore how many languages can Alexa speak.

In today’s blog post, we’ll dive into the fascinating world of multilingualism in voice assistants and explore Alexa’s language capabilities. Speaking and understanding multiple languages is becoming more and more crucial, 

As we come into the world of entertainment especially as we grow interconnected.

Can Alexa Speak Different Languages: Step -by Step Guide

I’ll explain can Alexa speak different languages in this blog. and guide the form of step-by-step instructions,

Click to download App then choose Settings. Choose Settings for the Alexa App. Choose the current language by clicking on Language. Select the language of your choice.

Alexa Speak Different Languages

I will give you more detailed information on how can Alexa speak different languages;

  1. Alexa speaking different languages on your Alexa device is a simple process. Whether you want to switch from English to Russian, or any other supported language, it can be done easily with one click.
  1. Start by launching the Alexa app on your tablet or smartphone to modify the language settings on your Alexa device. Once the application is open, go to “Settings” and choose “Device Settings.” Select the particular device for which you wish to adjust the language from there.
  1. In the device setting Menu, there is an option called “language” Click on this option and you will be presented with a list of supported languages. Scroll down until you find your highlighted language then select it and work on it.
  1. when you’ve decided on your highlighted language, save the changes and give Alexa a little while to take a few minutes to adjust to the new language. if all these take more time to adjust then reset your device for better results.

By following these steps, you can easily change Alexa’s voice settings and responses to various languages such as Spanish, Russian, or even Hindi and  Chinese. This allows around the world to personalize their voice assistant experience in a way that feels easy, natural, and convenient for them.

How Can We Add Other Languages To The Alexa App?

With multilingual settings, by changing the default setting on Alexa’s device Alexa can understand and respond to different languages, and speak different languages. allow all users to take advantage of it. And take benefit of its multi-languages.


This feature also allows users to practice their second language speaking skills, like Spinesh which can be helpful if they are learning Spanish language. Users can switch to the default language or ask Alexa to speak in multiple languages to enable multilingual mode.

How Can Alexa Translate to English? 

The default setting of the Alexa-enabled device is easy. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Firstly download the Alexa App on your desired device.
  2. The next step is to Select the Menu.
  3. Then choose Settings.
  4. choose the desired device on which you want to speak the language.
  5. Below down and select your highlighted Language.
  6. Whether you have to Select English (United States) or English (United Kingdom).
  7. When you select uk language, this will give you the United Kingdom will give your Alexa App a British accent.
  8. Choose your desired Alexa App, go to settings choose a language, and tap Language.
  9. Repeat this process for any more of your Alexa speak different languages.

Alexa Language Settings in Multi-Lingual languages:

I’ll list the languages that Alexa can speak in this post, along with details on how to adjust the language settings and take advantage of its extensive language support. We can answer your question if you’ve ever wondered, “What languages does Alexa speak?”

1. Change Alexa’s language to Hindi:

Alternatively, you can use the Alexa app to adjust the language to Hindi First, choose from the following language settings for your device: Indian English Alexa can hear you speak to her in Hindi or English, and she will respond in that language.

Alexa’s list of Hindi Commands:

CommandDescriptionSEO Keywords
Alexa, कैमरा चलाओActivate cameraAlexa camera commands, Hindi camera control, Voice-activated camera
Alexa, गाना बजाओPlay musicAlexa music commands, Hindi music control, Voice-activated music playback
Alexa, बारिश का मौसम कैसा हैCheck weatherAlexa weather commands, Hindi weather updates, Voice-activated weather check
Alexa, बताओ आज का समाचारGet newsAlexa news commands, Hindi news updates, Voice-activated news retrieval
Alexa, मुझे एक कहानी सुनाओTell a storyAlexa story commands, Hindi storytelling, Voice-activated story playback
Alexa, मेरे लिए एक अलार्म सेट करोSet an alarmAlexa alarm commands, Hindi alarm setup, Voice-activated alarm setting
Alexa, फोटो दिखाओShow photosAlexa photo commands, Hindi photo display, Voice-activated photo presentation
Alexa, मेरा बैंक बैलेंस बताओCheck bank balanceAlexa banking commands, Hindi balance inquiry, Voice-activated financial status check

Note: This table includes sample commands, descriptions, and SEO keywords. Adjust the content based on the specific commands you want to highlight and their associated SEO terms.

2. Change Alexa language into English:

Alexa speaks English in multiple regional variations, including American, British, Australian, Canadian, Indian, and Mexican English.

Alexa’s list of English Commands:

CommandDescriptionSEO Keywords
“Alexa, play music”Initiate music playbackMusic commands, Play music with Alexa
“Alexa, set a timer”Set a timer for a specific durationTimer commands, Set timer with Alexa
“Alexa, tell me a joke”Request a joke from AlexaJoke commands, Get jokes with Alexa
“Alexa, weather update”Obtain current weather conditionsWeather commands, Check weather with Alexa
“Alexa, news briefing”Get the latest news updatesNews commands, News briefing with Alexa
“Alexa, order pizza”Place an order for pizza deliveryFood commands, Order food with Alexa
“Alexa, tell me a story”Request a short story from AlexaStory commands, Get stories with Alexa
“Alexa, sports scores”Retrieve latest sports scoresSports commands, Check scores with Alexa
“Alexa, smart home”Control smart home devicesSmart home commands, Home automation
“Alexa, set an alarm”Set an alarm for a specific timeAlarm commands, Set alarm with Alexa

3. Change Alexa to Spanish:

Both US Spanish and UK Spanish are available for communication with Alexa. When you want to speak in Spanish, you can tell Alexa to speak it by saying “Alexa Speak Spanish” This is the way you can see how to change Alexa to Spanish.

Alexa’s list of Spanish Commands:

CommandEnglish TranslationSEO Keywords
“Alexa, abre [app name]”“Alexa, open [app name]”Alexa Spanish app commands, app opening
“Alexa, reproduce música”“Alexa, play music”Alexa Spanish music commands, play music
“Alexa, ¿cómo está el tiempo hoy?”“Alexa, what’s the weather today?”Alexa Spanish weather commands, check weather
“Alexa, pon una alarma”“Alexa, set an alarm”Alexa Spanish alarm commands, set alarm
“Alexa, cuéntame un chiste”“Alexa, tell me a joke”Alexa Spanish joke commands, tell jokes
“Alexa, ¿cuándo es mi próximo evento?”“Alexa, when is my next event?”Alexa Spanish calendar commands, event schedule
“Alexa, apaga las luces”“Alexa, turn off the lights”Alexa Spanish smart home commands, control lights
“Alexa, busca [query]”“Alexa, search for [query]”Alexa Spanish search commands, perform search
“Alexa, dime las noticias”“Alexa, tell me the news”Alexa Spanish news commands, get updates
“Alexa, añade leche a la lista de compras”“Alexa, add milk to the shopping list”Alexa Spanish shopping commands, add to shopping list

Saying “Alexa Speak Spanish” changes the default language to Spanish when you want to speak in that language. This changes the default language.

4. Alexa’s list of China Commands:

CommandDescriptionSEO Keywords
“Alexa, 你好”Greet Alexa in Mandarin ChineseAlexa Chinese Commands, Mandarin Greetings
“Alexa, 播放音乐”Ask Alexa to play music in ChineseAlexa Music Commands, Chinese Music Playback
“Alexa, 新闻”Request news updates in the Chinese languageAlexa Chinese News, Mandarin News Commands
“Alexa, 天气预报”Get weather forecast in Mandarin ChineseAlexa Weather Commands, Chinese Weather Updates
“Alexa, 讲个笑话”Ask Alexa to tell a joke in ChineseAlexa Chinese Jokes, Mandarin Humor Commands
“Alexa, 翻译”Request translation services in ChineseAlexa Translation Commands, Mandarin Language
“Alexa, 设置提醒”Set reminders and alarms in the Chinese languageAlexa Reminders in Chinese, Mandarin Alarms
“Alexa, 调整音量”Adjust the volume using Chinese commandsAlexa Volume Control, Mandarin Audio Settings
“Alexa, 查找附近的餐厅”Search for nearby restaurants in Mandarin ChineseAlexa Chinese Restaurant Search, Local Dining

Can Alexa’s Voice To a Celebrity?

Moreover, Between many other languages and Alexa voice, Alexa APP has a celebrity voice to mimic. In addition to the two main Alexa voices. Now you can choose between the voices of actresses like Samuel L. Jackson, Shaquille O’Neal, and Melissa McCarthy.

Last year, during the summer and winter seasons, Alexa added Santa Claus as a more limited “celebrity voice.”

Change Alexa’s Voice To a Celebrity Setting

Select any of your Alexa devices, then open the Alexa app and say “Alexa, introduce me to Ask the name of the chosen celebrity from the highlighted name from the list, then Alexa will switch to the “Celebrity Personality” which you want to choose and will explain, in their voice,  what they’re capable of.

Alexa Voice setting

With this feature, which inspires an Alexa device with the person of one of the three celebrities, you can ask questions, laugh out loud, or hear a story told in the manner of Shaq, Jackson, or McCarthy by using the command “Hey [celebrity name]”.

Can Alexa's Voice To a Celebrity?

Iff Alexa Language Settings Still Not Working:

After applying all the required settings if your language is not available, Update your Alexa app as it is probably not supported on your particular device. Regretfully, on some older devices, this might be the case; however, if you have multiple devices, you can still attempt to check them.


As we see can Alexa speak different languages? yes, Alexa is multilingual and speaks more languages and its main feature is voice assistant Alexa is a unique voice assistant that has developed rapidly in a short time. it has a significant value with this quality of speaking more languages.

The Alexa device now supports more languages, and in the future, more features and language support are planned. I hope this article was helpful to you. Check back soon for more exciting hints and techniques.

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Frequently Ask Questions:

How do I translate Alexa into other languages?

You can use Alexa to translate between two supported languages. Say “translate French” to have Alexa translate between English and French, for instance, if your device is set to English.  To use Alexa to translate your conversation.

Can Alexa talk like a celebrity?

To add a celebrity voice, enable the appropriate Alexa skill on your Amazon Echo using voice commands. Some skills are only available for certain Alexa devices in specific regions. Some celebrity voice skills are free, Now you can change your Alexa voice to a celebrity. Ask Alexa to introduce the celebrity that we want.

Can Alexa speak different language?

Open More and select Settings. Select Alexa App Settings. Under Language, select the current language. Choose your preferred language.

Can you speak English on Alexa?

You can speak to Alexa in Hindi and English. Just ask the Alexa device in Hindi and English Alexa responds to you in the way you say, In this way, Alexa speaks different languages.

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